Spider Veins (Laser)

before and after leg spider veinsSpider veins can be troublesome and can also be a part of many minor to major venous issues.  Thanks to advanced laser skin treatment technology we can reduce the visibility and treat spider veins on the face.

The treatment involves applying the laser to the spider vein causing it to vaporize and shrink up. At first the veins will appear dark but will fade in a few weeks as they get naturally absorbed into the body.

After the treatment patients should avoid direct sunlight for 2-3 days and must wear zinc sunscreen for the following two weeks.

The procedure has little to no downtime and the patient may return to their normal schedule such as work the same day. Patients will experience some redness after the treatment also some patients experience a slight swelling. The redness and swelling will heal leaving the skin clear of the unwanted vascular lesion in almost all patients.

On average this will take 2-3 treatments in 6-8 week intervals.

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