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The Center For Vein & Vascular Disease (CVVD) was opened in 2011 because of a growing need for education and to provide comprehensive vein and vascular care in the community. Too many patients were being treated for cosmetic reasons without proper in-depth evaluation.

At the CVVD, the education, diagnosis, and treatment of venous disease is their foremost priority. Located at 450 West Central Parkway in Altamonte Springs the CVVD specializes in state-of-the-art imaging techniques and treatment modalities that identify, map, and quantify the severity of venous disease and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for patients.

“This advanced technology allows us to differentiate between cosmetic spider veins that are often benign, and the more medically concerning venous reflux which is associated with significant pathology and morbidity,” explains Alex Vakili, MD. “Patients with varicose vein disease often suffer from lower extremity swelling or unsightly varicose veins and/or superficial spider veins. The swelling is often attributed to salt intake or medication side effects, and some patients are treated solely with the use of diuretics without undergoing a proper evaluation and imaging to identify the source of their symptoms.”

Without proper treatment, Dr. Vakili says, “Swelling from venous reflux can eventually lead to skin discoloration, leg fatigue, burning, heaviness, aches, and contributes to restless leg syndrome. Some patients develop skin breakdown and venous ulcers if the disease process goes undiagnosed for a long period of time.”

The cornerstone of therapy remains conservative medical care with the use of compression stockings and a walking program; however despite these measures, patients often continue to remain symptomatic. For this group of patients the CVVD offers an array of treatment modalities that help alleviate symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Committed to helping the community achieve optimal vein health, the CVVD consists of a team of experienced sonographers, along with cardiovascular and vein specialists with added board-certification in vascular medicine. The commitment to our community is evident in the quarterly free vein screening clinics and evaluations for venous reflux that CVVD offers. Patients can inquire and schedule an appointment by contacting the CVVD at 407-865-7091.

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